Lip Smacking Recipes

Mung Sprouts Peserettu
Grind all ingredients together to form a smooth batter. Pour on tawa like dosa, spread finely chopped Onion on the inner surface and serve with Coconut Chutney.

Chinese Fried Rice
Heat a wok, add oil, and in high flame, add minced garlic, ginger, beans, carrot, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar. To this add rice, and peanut powder. Switch off the flame, add chopped spring onions, and rinsed Sproutamins Bean Sprouts (remove the tails, if desired). Toss everything together and serve.

Fenugreek Sprout Pickle
Sputter Mustard seeds in hot oil. Boil Jaggery, Tamarind Water, Salt, Turmeric Powder & Red Chilli Powder along with Fenugreek Sprouts till oil separates. Cool & Serve as meal accompaniment.