The Process & Quality

At Sproutamins process and product quality assumes centre stage in all our actions. We think this is the most significant aspect of our business and constatly and persistently work towards achieving best benchmarks that we set for our selves.

We constantly monitor our raw material for pathogen and other farm contaminants and ensure we procure the best quality raw material from the most trusted suppliers. We also ensure water quality is maintained by using filteration unit to eliminate any contaminants that might enter the process through water source. Also strick watch is kept on workman and work place hygiene to ensure no contamination of the product takes place after its harvested.


Incoming quality check.
Exceptional care in identifying any contaminants in Raw material being procured.


Process Quality.
While processing water and equipments are constantly tested for any contamination.

03 Harvesting  Quality.
Harvesting of sprouts is done only after ensuring all previous quality checks are acceptable.
04 Pre dispatch Quality.
Before dispatching visual quality check is conducted.

Quality Standards


Incoming Raw Material Check

Ensures no contaminants enter the process.


Processing and Growing Check

Ensures no crosss contamination from Workman or work place enters the product.


Packing & Dispatch Check

Ensures only the best quality products leaves the factory.