Sproutamins For You!

Sproutamins is a Bangalore based Natural Health Food Company with specific focus on growing a wide range of vegetable sprouts using the most natural and hygienic processes.

Sproutamins' most valuable resource is its people. We are a knowledge-driven company with dedicated professionals at the helm, handling Research & Development, Production, and Quality Assurance, to get you Natural, Fresh and Hygienic Sprouts.

We work on quality which is both a goal and holistic continuous process at Sproutamins. Our Quality initiative covers Product, Operations, and Environmental friendly processes with well designed plant that is as per the best international standards. We are near HACCP based company employing stringent methods to grow our sprouts in the most clean germ-free environment.

We strategically plan and work to improve our customer service and identify innovative ways with which our customers can consume sprouts.